Monday, February 1, 2010


To: S
From: Mary
Date: 01/28/2010 07:36PM
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Tell me many kind words dear.

My gentle kitten!
I am excited again to be having your emails. Alwasy I am to be excited by your life It's very important for me. Now I'm very happy, your letters inform to Me your caress and warmth, your kind words throw light on mine Heart. Though we are a little familiar, it seems to me that you approach me on soul, I consider that you very kind and tender person and you can To become my partner in life, I wish to learn about you much more. I would like to learn from you what do you think of that to conduct what Or relations with the girl from other country? Personally I consider that it Very much even it is good, I can learn about your culture as well as you Can learn more about Russian culture. You have many exciting things happening always. Russia is not so exciting. I still waiting to get Moscow I think many special things can come to my life in Moscow.

You get dwarf? What type? I am not understanding so much my best friend she had dwarf rabbit and we play many time a day. We feed him carrot many times and he like very much. You feed your dwarf carrot also? They are liking carrot very much asking for more always. I am liking name Tina Is good name for dwarf they are very loving and tender and making life happy for everyone all the time This si good.

I always feeling good that photos of me you like. I hope that it will be it is pleasant to you. Because on a photo you can see my appearance, my eyes. And eyes is a mirror of soul. If you wish to be assured in me, in my reality, That you can hear my voice. Be not afraid to write to me your phone number, I can call to you. I think to you it will be pleasant to hear my voice. I well speak in English. You phtos is hard to understand for me You make joke? I npt seeing you face in photos It is of what? You are funny man. My sister and mother we laugh all the at the photo you sending.

My love, today I was in travel agency and looked flight to airport in which you will meet me. But to me have told that I should pay the big money for travel . I should buy return tickets, make all papers - the visa, the passport. am really do not know as me to be and where to find such big money. My darling you can help me? You is saying you can my addres is Russia, town Shelekhov, Lenin's street 5, flat 7, it is near big city Irkutsk.My town is rather far from Moscow. I waiting also for your moneys by post.

now I wish to tell To you it is more about my family. The name My mum Valentine. My name Father Andrey. Last years I very seldom I see the father. A deposit Parents have divorced, when I was 12 years old and After that deposit The father leaves to live in the city of St.-Petersburg. It very much The big and beautiful city. Thanks to my daddy we lived Well, and I have a good Education. it will be Good if you speak more about yours To a family and the native? It Interesting to me to study it! I search for a kind, love, reliable for The person. It should be the clever, interesting interlocutor, with sense Humour. The age, colour of a hair, number not so is important for me, As its care, character and the serious relation to marriage. Well, now my questions for you. You prefer what perfume? You Love something aggressive or soft? I prefer gentle aromas, My favourite aroma French perfume Purblanka. You love what clothes Also what dress is more often? Certainly, for work I prefer to carry Classical suit trousers or a skirt. You have an allergy and especially on some products? I not I have. In what mood you happen more often?

Well, I have to stop or I will write without ending. Kiss you! see you later.
Your Mary

I send again more photo. Is me in hat new color, you like? I like hat!!!