Tuesday, January 19, 2010


To: S
From: Mary
Date: 01/19/2010 02:57AM
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Tell me many kind words dear.

Hello my dear!

I am so glad to see your letter again,I think I am a lucky girl.
I sorry agan my spelling is not to your standards. I try my hard to check my spellings and make you happy. I want to please you. I make my youngest sister check my spellings.

You are not to be liking my clothes? I wear what is popular in Russia. How can I please you?You wanting sexy sexy?

You to ask me many question so I answer them to my best. Yes I am liking carrot. My youngest sister had rabbit for many years. We feeded it carrot. It liked a lot.

I brush my teeth many time a day. I have good teeth. In Russia is hard to stay looking good in mouth because it cost much. Looks is all I have, but like I say I am no Hollywood Princess. I want to be. You can help me?

You ask strange question. What is last furry thing you touch? maybe I not understand? This mornignn I touch cat I find in street. Its black cat with beautiful eye. I want to keep but my mother says we not have enough money. When I move to America to be with you perhaps we have many cat.

My friend I have many dream.I want to leave Russia, I know it sounds ugly but I know that I will be lost here like many young girls before me. It is not place to grow children and have stable future. I want to meet my right man.

I think in future I can work as fitness trainer I have a certificate. My mother is my great problem too, she has a great dream to see me married and she wants to make me happy but I think it is only my business I am not a little child. She tells me every day that I should get married very soon...

To be fair I am not sure I am able to explain all in first message I want to say so much! I just want you to know that I am not afraid to work, I am fairly goal oriented and I am sure you will be not disappoined to meet me in real life. I am going to spend three months abroad to work in any good place, agency promises to help me because it is only the way I can leave Russia. I will have all documents to travel in a few days and i will travel to moscow then, from moscow I will travel to you and they ask me about name of the city i am going to work, if you do not mind to meet me please tell me the name of your city and nearest international airport! I will book my flight from moscow!

Do you have car? Animal?Are your gentle? I want to know many this about you. Your interests, tastes and hobbies. Tell me!

Kiss you! I will miss you already

p.s. I send more photo of me. I want photo of you. I can’t wait!!!!

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