Friday, January 22, 2010


To: S
From: Mary
Date: 01/22/2010 01:07PM
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Tell me many kind words dear.

My beautiful angel!
I am apologize for such longtime to reply to you. I have been very busy at doings my job. To keep my family living and in warm clothes I am having to work so hard. But I am to look to make my head feel positive Things are going to get better.

Such long letter to me. Your words is making my happy. Evryday I sits waiting for email from my lovd one. Like I says in last emails to you I flies always with my head Being somewher in clouds for you.

You are so funny in you writtings. You are to make me and my youngest sister laughing many time. Sometime I print you email and put on wall next’s to my sleeps.

What is photo? My cant see what is in photo It fuzzying and make hards to see you. I showd my mother She not seeing you also. This is funny jok to me? You tell me please kind angel. I am not to be understand all my namings. You says I am Henry. Henry is not Russian name always. I keep Nataliya. I telling my mother canary in yellow your storys. Always we laughing togethere the canary and me.

I so thanking you for you saying to help me with my travellling needs and tickets. You are kindest man and my mother so happy I meet you and to meet you in person. I waiting so long for happy head and life. Really it is very a pity to me much, that we cannot now to take each other for hands, to me it is bad that I cannot to embrace to you at night, now I embrace only my pillow and I think of you, Would like that you have appeared near to me, my love!

I answers your all questions now.I am not understands 7-11. I asking many peoples from working and one man is sayngs it is shop. We not having such shops in Russia. Now the world crisis and it is very difficult for people to find work. you cannot imagine what does it mean to be born in small town in Russia, there are not any chances to live well, to get a good job. All young people leave towns to search great luck in big cities but nobody waits for them there. I am not being allergc to any woods. Why you ask these question? You are allegergic? I want to know all about you, yours dreams, talent, everything! Tell me please!

As with all email to you I Have many questions. You think life be better where you are?
Pets? Your favorite meal? I am good cook in Russia wife and mistress taking care of man. I practising making your favorite always for you when I am seeing you for first time. Kiss you, counting days and minutes before our meeting. You know it is only money, and I think that it is not too hard for you to help me ,you see I have such chance only once in my life.

your Nataliya

p.s. More photo of me for you. I am good dancing with bear! You see!

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